Borg El Arab

So, this is the airport that I had considered to the be worst airport I’ve ever been to. It’s the airport we flew into when we first moved here, and we hadn’t been back since. It’s old, dirty, unorganized (not to mention that they lost our luggage.) But since Bethany’s school purchased our tickets to Greece, we didn’t really have any say in the matter, and Borg el Arab (HBE) was it.

Usually, when we leave the country, we have to pay a fine because our one-month tourist visas have expired, usually 150LE. A month or two ago, Bethany actually got her work visa after 18 months living here illegally (hooray!!) That meant she wouldn’t need to pay a fee.

The rumor was the fee had increased to several thousand pounds. So many thousands of pounds that it would have made it more expensive to leave Egypt that it cost to fly to Athens!

By some weird miracle, passport control at HBE decided not to fine me! Of course, they tried to make us sweat a little bit (even Bethany, who has a legitimate visa), but we made it out of the airport and on the plane for free! The best possible news we could have gotten.

So basically, HBE isn’t really that bad. Customs sucked, though.


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