About Us

What do we write about?  Our lives, our opinions, and our interests.  You’ll find everything from a food blog to details of a fantastic weekend.  She teaches. He learns languages.We both play music and we both like to cook and eat.

We currently live in Egypt for a two-year teaching contract so many of our posts explain these experiences.

What about our blog title? The Tyranny of Comfort?  This particular phrase is stolen from one of the Canadian expats who  we met in Egypt.  They are an older couple who came out of retirement to come teach in Egypt.  As with all foreigners (especially them) who come to Egypt, there’s the one main question….Why?  I don’t remember the exact story, I think something about her daughter talking about this as well, but she said this phrase had stuck with her and now it has stuck with me too.  There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable, but there are a lot of things you miss out on if you never leave that comfort. It seems like an odd phrase, but when you spend time thinking about it, it’s quite interesting.



Thank you for reading!

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