Bathroom success!

Painting ceilings is much easier than other wall. Why? Because there’s nothing to avoid. Roll, roll, roll and your done. I know it’s only a small thing, but it’s so nice to not have brown speckles and yellow stains on the ceiling in your bathroom.  I don’t even want to know where they came from.

See how there are two switches, about 2 feet away from each other?


One is for the fan and one is for the light.  We had a friend come over and combine the two, so now they’re in the same place.  The only problem is that now we have two holes in the wall.  I could patch them, but patching is always obvious so I think we’ll opt for screwing blank plates over them and putting the towel rack over that.  Problem solved.

We also made this awesome light cover. I started out with square dowels, measured and cut. I glued them together using this amazing system of clamps paint buckets and books.

2014-07-14 16.57.29 2014-07-14 17.00.16

Then I used this fabulous chart to find out what type of glue to use. I couldn’t find the rubber cement, so I used hot glue. One side at a time, I stretched, glued and trimmed the fabric. I think this is one of the few projects where nothing went wrong halfway through and I had to rethink it. Now we don’t get blinded when we get up in the morning.

2014-07-14 20.36.03

There was also a big debate over what sort of mirror/cabinet to put back over the sink.  I thought the one that was there previously was overly huge and ugly.  So after a few weeks of no mirror and Craigslist shopping, I found a mirror that we both liked.  Did our deal at a Starbucks, and came home to find that it was too big.  Especially with the light cover taking up a whole extra 1/2 in. off of the measurement.  It just wouldn’t work.  So?  Back to the big overly huge and ugly cabinet.  The weird part?  The inset hole in the wall needed to be covered up, but none of the screw holes in the wall were placed to cover up the hole…Same cabinet, same wall, same screws.   Mysterious.  So we drilled new holes in the wall.

Anyway.  This is the “finished” picture. Not really finished because we haven’t bought a second blank plate to but over the hole in the wall behind the towel, and some touch up painting needs to be done.  Oh and the toilet paper doesn’t have a home yet either….details…

2014-07-31 15.02.14


That’s not a great picture, but overall, I’m pretty happy with the bathroom.



Crooked walls, peeling paint, mildew, random attachments on the wall, holes, wallpaper, tape around the toilet, unattractive backsplash, and slashes in the wall are a few of the obstacles we encountered in the bathroom. Some of it is just annoying, and some of it makes me think, what the heck were you thinking?! Putting crossing slashes in the wall? We’re you trying to create a vertical checkers board?



We found a massive hole behind the big mirrored cabinet. We’re not going to put it back up, but we haven’t found something to put up yet.   _DSC0017_DSC0035

We tried to get rid of as much of the glue that held up the molding, but it’s still visible.  I think we’ll put up some more towel racks instead of putting it back up.



No more wallpaper, no more mold hiding behind molding.


I stripped the paint off of the curtain rod and mounts.  The mounts are painted with silver spray paint, but I thought I should find something more durable for the curtain rod.  It took about a week for all of this to get done and I was anxious to take a shower with the shower curtain back up, so it’s not 100% done.


That ugly textured back splash got torn off and a lot of drywall came with it which is why it took so much longer than we thought.   Also to do for finishing touches, I want to find some fabric to put over a frame to cover the lights.







Before (notice the two different patterns of wallpaper):


After some very green paint:







The kitchen took quite a while for use to finish because we got burnt out on painting.  Of course we painted the exciting colors first and left all of the boring tan walls for last.  I think we’ll take a break for a while and the bathroom might be next.  It’ll be a challenge getting around the cabinets in there and the ceiling also needs to be cleaned, bleached, and painted.


Fix it!

Things are slowly getting fixed and updated in our new home.  I dug out a space to put my sewing machine so I can start on curtains, couch cover, etc. soon.  I believe the fence has finally been “Henry-proofed” so he doesn’t have to be tied up when we leave.  An ugly, half-painted shed has been moved off of the patio.  A doghouse is half built.  The front entryway is finally clear of overgrown bush and weeds.  With a little more work, we’ll have a nice flower garden to fill up;  It’s still full of grass.  I bet you’re thinking, Wow, this all sounds like they’re getting things done, but I’d sure like to see pictures.  I do have pictures of the work we’ve done in the front, but that’s about it.

2014-04-29 14.18.59 2014-04-29 15.32.20

We’ve torn out a lot of wallpaper in the kitchen and discovered why they covered it up (why they used 8 different wallpapers is still a mystery).  That’ll be our first painting project.

Ready for the floor story?  Here goes…

Our floors started out carpeted.


The carpet had been cleaned a few days before we moved in.  After the move, we were walking around without shoes and noticed that our socks were getting wet.  Almost a week later and the carpets were still wet.  The carpet guys said we had to keep the house at 80 degrees to “dry the carpet”.  Sounded like a good way to create a moldy house to me, but we tried it.  Turns out a lot of houses can’t keep the temperature that high because the furnace shuts off to protect it from blowing up.  After many calls to the landlady, carpet guys, HVAC guys, and a lot of noisy fans, we took the carpet out and uncovered a wood floor.

2014-04-13 23.40.00

The plan was to have the floor refinished since it was stained and had many paint drips.  But then we had to wait for the wood floor to dry so it didn’t warp.  A week and two more fans later, they decided that the floor was too old to refinish anyway; by the time they sanded away all the water stains, there would be no floor left.  So then we ordered new, laminate wood flooring.  Today, a whole three and a half weeks later, they are finally finished!!

2014-04-27 16.54.25

Hooray!!  We have been working on small projects here and there, but now that the floor is done, we can paint the walls and move in for reals. Hopefully I will remember to take before and after pictures in the future.

6 cats, 4 dogs, and moving

My title pretty much sums up last week. We signed up to take care of 7 more pets on top of our three. I worked 30 hours this week, then on my three days off, we finished packing and moved everything to our new home yesterday. Everything went very smoothly and we had more help than I expected. People who help others to move really are some of the most selfless people around. It made the job so much easier! The piano even made it with us. It may have been it’s last move though…
It is a very old duplex and there is a lot of painting and refurbishing that we want to do. If I remember, I’ll take pictures as we work on it. We are very excited to have our own place again.

Most of you probably saw that our Facebooks became plagued with animal photos. So how do you take care of 10 animals?
1. Leave two cats at home so it’s only 8.
2. Do not attempt to make yourself dinner and decide to feed the dogs in the middle of it…the cats will eat your food.
3. Invest in good carpet cleaner.
4. Stock up on treats.
5. Have separate rooms for the ones who misbehave.
6. Become friends with all of them.
7. Keep training your puppy to go potty outside and come even though everyone else knows what to do.
8. Do not attempt alone.
I think having one dog and two cats is the perfect number. Especially since they are pretty much the same size and can entertain each other without getting crushed. It scared me when Henry decided to play with the German Shepherd.
That was our adventure last week.

Reusing old things to go with a new thing


Get ready for a long winded blog.  So I’d been wanting a new purse because I’m a girl and the purse that I had was enormous.  Nice on occasion, not so nice for long shopping/wandering occasions.  So with our Christmas money at Target, I ordered a much smaller one.  However, my wallet that got lost in my huge purse barely fit in the new one.  I considered just dumping all of my stuff: credit/debit cards, change, cash, rewards cards, and license in my purse, but that sounded messy (and I hate the sinking feeling in your gut of Oh crap! I have no idea where my debit card is.)  Option number 2: Make your own.  It’s much cheaper and you can make it exactly the way you want it.

I used this blog’s pattern minus the quilted part.  I thought I might have to go buy some interfacing, but I found some in my treasure chest of sewing supplied I inherited from my grandmother.  I used material from a stained tablecloth on the outside, the leg off of ripped designer jeans (originally purchased from a thrift store), and material left over from the shoe project for my creation.  The only deviations from the original blog was omitting the quilted part for the outside and using elastic and a button to close it.  It worked out relatively well.  So well that I was able to finish it all in one day.  And yes. It does fit in my new purse.



For the visually bored

I noticed the lack of photos on my blog recently, so here you go.

I was hoping these pictures would turn out better, but this is all you get.

Creating wedding decorations for a friend…with the added bonus of a gluey hand

Kinda an accident, but kinda cool

The cats got another bath. They did a lot better this time, not so much yowling or jumping. Samson almost looked like he enjoyed it.


Wet cat #1

Wet cat #2

And finally, this is what my stack of school stuff for the weekend…what a teacher I am..

A little food update…cause I remembered this week.

Sun – Lobster Bisque. I found lobster on sale last week and Ronnie’s been wanting to make this forever. It was delicious, and very rich, and pretty spicy.

Mon – Breakfast manicotti. I’ve never made manicotti before. It was surprisingly successful. The sauce was an interesting experience too. I guess I just don’t know what Hollandaise sauce is supposed to be like. It was very good, but I don’t think we’ll be making it again any time soon.

Tues – Enchilada casserole. I tried finding a recipe but ended up just combining a bunch of Mexican stuff in a casserole and baking it for a bit. Pretty yummy.

Wed – homemade pizza…tasted slightly off due to some salami that was a bit too old.

Thurs – leftover night

Fri – We’ll have gyros but I’ll have to make some homemade tzatziki sauce.

Look at that! Almost a whole week of making our own food. Saturday will be date night since we’ll both be in Walla Walla. I have to take the WEST-B test for school and Ronnie’ll be working.