I’m not a fashionable person.  I never have been and probably never will be.  Just recently, I made a quilt out of my high school t-shirts which forced me to get some new clothes.  It was pretty sad how little I had left after using up 50+ swimming, marching band, and running t-shirts.  I don’t spend money or time putting on makeup…you get the point.

As a little girl, I always had bangs.  They were cut straight across and often got curled on Sundays for church.  We joked about having George Washington hair.  My bangs never really worked because of my cowlick. Examples…

So I decided to go without bangs…but, as my husband loves to point out, I have a huge forehead.

You’ll also notice that my hair is up in all of the pictures.  A ponytail is my style of choice.  My hair was straight for the longest time.  Then it got poofy. Then I realized I could buy things to make it look better…that’s the point of this blog.  I figured out the mousse part of doing my hair in high school.

It was better, but we still got the forehead.  So bangs re-appeared, but on the side to accommodate my cowlick.  My newest discovery is the diffuser.

I recently purchased a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment.  It is one of the best products I have invested in for my sometimes curly, sometimes poofy, and sometimes wavy hair.  I’ve read about them for a long time, but never thought it would be worth it.  Fellow curly heads, buy a diffuser!!  They look scary, but work well!  

Whenever I get my hair cut, the  stylist always wants to make my hair straight.  But that takes such a long time and looks funny cause I’m too lazy to get the stuff to make it look good.  Surprisingly, it doesn’t take that long for the diffuser to dry my hair, and with a bit of mousse and hairspray it stays all day!  I feel foolish as a 21 year old female just discovering these things.  At the same time, I’ve never cared too much about my appearance.