What a ride!

Life has been crazy busy.  I started writing a blog over spring break, but I never finished.  So here’s just a short update on what’s been happening.

Spring break we took a short little trip to Seattle.  We went shopping, visited some of our favorite shops, saw some relatives, and visited the tulip fields in Mount Vernon.  Pictures are on Facebook.

At school, we’ve been spending time on our end of year testing, and more recently preparing for field trips and end of year celebrations.

I am also a coach for Girl’s on the Run, an after school program meant to equip girls with personal empowerment strategies.  It has been fun to get to know some of the other kids at school and get outside to exercise with them.  It has also given me ideas for my own classroom instruction.  The season ends with a 5k that all the girls participate in.

Ronnie and I both played for the Mid Columbia Musical Theater’s production of Cats.  It was quite an experience as the pit was back stage and we couldn’t see any of the show….not to mention the people dressed up as cats, dancing around the stage singing nonsense words.

This week, Ronnie is playing for another production called Guns of Ireland.  It is a show written and composed by locals and performed by high schoolers.  I haven’t seen it at all but I’m looking forward to see what it’s all about next week. Today we had to go to Value Village to find him some “Irish” clothes to wear for opening night.   Maybe I can sneak a pictures of him…

Because I have a non-continuing contract at school, I’ve had to reapply for jobs next year.  So far I’ve had one interview and applied in three school districts.  It’s hard to be patient. but there’s not much else I can do at the moment.

I know it’s been a while and I feel like I should have a lot of things to say, but it’s a lot to process into an interesting, intelligible blog, so that’s it for now.  See you in June!

The best three days off

With summer beginning, a lot of people are asking for time off. Being a recently married woman, I need money, so I work. I worked 7 days in a row…It’s not that much, but there’s something about that deli that gets very tedious…people getting the same drinks EVERY day etc. After those 7 days, I managed to get a three day weekend (thanks to Whitney 🙂 ). On Saturday, Sara, Mom and I drove up to Tinkham campground which is just over Snoqualmie pass and camped for the night. In the morning, we drove up to Carnation to participate in the Survivor Mud Run. Most of you have seen pics on Facebook, but here are some of my favorites anyway.

There’s something about me and my sisters that has always been attracted to mud. We made mud pits to play in as kids and this was a wonderful excuse to play in the mud as an “adult”. Washing all that mud out of my clothes was a fun exercise.

After some free brats (and beer) we took a quick stop at Snoqualmie Falls and walked around. It was its usual magnificent self and, being exhausted and muddy, we decided to head home. The shower I took was the most wonderful ever…I hope our drain is ok.

On Sunday, I played piano for church and went over to my parents’ for Father’s day.

On Monday, we took a somewhat spontaneous day trip to Palouse Falls. Sadly, I forgot my camera. But it’s probably better that way seeing as we scrambled down cliffs and slid on our butts to get to the bottom of the main falls. With my luck with cameras, it would have either fallen into the waterfall, or gotten smashed in a rock slide. SOMEBODY didn’t think we could make it down to the bottom, but I convinced him otherwise…Oh and all that poison oak down there…it doesn’t do a thing to you…I’m thinking those fishermen were mistaken. Either that, or both Ronnie and I are completely immune.

After our adventure, we went back and barbequed some hamburgers, this time with much more success than the last BBQing attempt. Basically, a pound of ground beef, worcestershire sauce, mustard, egg, and a slice of bread. I threw in some garlic too…cause that rarely goes wrong. I’ve never really made hamburgers before and my first attempt was pretty good. They were very juicy, but we forgot to salt the first batch; And the piece of bread that I put in it was bigger than most so it was kinda “bready”.

We sat around and relaxed at the park and snacked on food for a while. We even remembered sunscreen, but somehow, even with multiple applications, managed to burn on one half. I’ll have one tan shoulder now, but other than that I’m still very very white.

There’s more food to talk about too but I think that’ll have to wait for another day.

(I think someone sneaked a proof read…there are more commas than I remember…)